FAQ 393: Error 102...status 171. Cannot open ASC


We are running ASC on Windows 2000 Server with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro client PCs (3-user ASC license).

On Saturday, a user opened ASC on our network and received some errors which did not get recorded and which were clicked through (the user recalls that they said something about "library"). Ultimately the user was not able to open a case and quit ASC.

Now, when we open ASC we receive this error:

"Error=102:Msg=Cannot get Library;Cannot open file: Catalog:Cannot open file: Name=F:\NDM\ASCCAT.DAT:Status=171"

We ran the Pervasive System Analyzer, and communication between the clients and server is OK.

I checked your FAQs: I verified that the Pervasive server license is permanent. I even reinstalled the server side of Pervasive.

I checked the Pervasive Web site regarding this message: The 171 status is a database login error. I scanned our server for viruses (negative). The administrative share IPC$ remains in place.

I've tried restoring the contents of our NDM and ASC folders from a date when the system worked, but that did not resolve the error.


Reinstalled Pervasive on server. Still got error. We reinstalled Pervasive on client. Problem solved. He will reinstall rest of machines and let us know if any problems. It may be sufficient to stop/start Pervasive at server and then reinstall workstations. However, reinstalling at server and then all workstations seems to work.