FAQ 101: Budget--Not maximizing at 44k when participant is catch-up eligible


I am trying to allocate a contribution that maximizes the owner at $44,000 - $41,000 415 limit plus $3,000 catchup. The allocation will not allocate above $41,000.


The budget will not allocate past the 415 dollar limit. You must have first run the Compliance tests (402g and Plan Limits) to generate the $3,000 catchup amount. These tests remove the $3000 catchup from the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen and place them on the Catchup Limits (LIMITCAT) screen, where they are no longer included in the 415 limit. Then, when you run the budget, it will allocate to $41,000 and this, in addition to the $3,000 catchup, will total the $44,000. For details on Catchup, you should review the catchup documentation from our website.