FAQ 140: Budget--Looping


The Budget Routine has taken over 20 minutes to run, and it is still not finished. Any ideas as to what is going on?


First, some of these calculations can take a few minutes, expanding to 20 minutes for complicated partnerships with 401(a)(4) tiered designs. In general, the routine should not run longer than 30 minutes. If it does, you may have a coding problem. Check the following:
1) Plan Year Begin and Valuation dates are 1 year or less apart.
2) If you by-passed the warning regarding "Ownership percents not equaling 100%", the routine will do a prorata adjustment to run, but will take longer than normal. Recheck the ownership, income and expense percents to make sure they equal 100%.
3) The Reduce 415 in Calcs question on the Benefit Limits (BENLIMIT) screen in the specs must be answered "Yes".
4) If the design is tiered/a4, check the Source 2 coding. A percentage cannot be coded under the "Show Total Contrb." button as the budget develops its own formula. Also, be sure that under the "Show Parameters" button you do not have percentages or dollar amounts coded for groups that do not exist in the plan. (e.g. 5% coded for group 4, but no participants coded with "4" in their Principal field).