FAQ 165: ADP--Status T in the ineligible employee list on the ADP test


When I run the ADP test using permissive disaggregation, it is including status "T" employees on the Employees NOT INCLUDED in ADP and ACP Non-Discrimination Testing due to Ineligible or Excluded Class" page. Why would ASC do this?


This happens when the employee had dates or a status code that doesn't make sense based on the program's expectations. The system, at the end of the ADP run, goes through those not included and drops them into categories for this report. It drops Age, Service, Exclusion. In general, status Ts are employees who terminated prior to the current plan year. These employees, then, are not included at all in the ADP run as they are dropped in the very beginning because of an old DOT. The status Ts must have DOTs in the current plan year? You may be using your status Ts for *current* year terminees who never met eligibility for age/service. If that is the scenario, the system would have expected to see them as a status S or Y.