FAQ 173: Error--Scratch file error referencing ADPH046


I am receiving an error message when I try and run the ADP/ACP test. I have done a data validation check and there are no bad dates. I can run all other tests without any problem. I have even deleted all the data and reloaded it again. I have run this test before in this plan. Any ideas?
This is the error I receive:
Error creating scratch file:
Cannot create scratch file ADPH046!!
Hit any key to continue. . .


Scratch files are work files that are used when printing and then deleted after the report has been printed. Once in a while, the scratch file gets locked by the workstation and can't be deleted, so you will see an error like yours the next time that you try to run the same report and it tries to recreate the file. If you run the test again and see that error, go look for that particular file ("ADPH046.DAT", in your case) in the \NDM directory and delete it manually. Then you should be able to run the test successfully. If you still have a problem after deleting the file, try rebooting your workstation as well, which sometimes will fix the problem. Scratch file errors can occur in other compliance tests as well (e.g. 410b, HCE) - and the same resolution can be used for those.
If neither option helps, let us know and we can look into what else might be causing the error.