FAQ 20: ADP--ATM missing although match formula input


Running an ADP/ACP test for a plan where the match is 25% on everything. The ACP passes, but the ADP fails. The corrections are not showing any ATM, however. The match formula is coded in the match source, although the system is not calculating the match.


Check the following specs:

General specs - Compensation Definition (COMPDEF) screen: Make sure that the Compensation has been Input field is set to "Yes". Even if you are not using post-entry comp, make sure that all of the boxes next to the sources are checked under "Include Pre-Entry Compensation".

Matching source specs: Under the "Show Match Fmla" button, make sure that the Matching Contribution Basis field is set to "2-Year to Date" instead of "1-Current Period".

Then re-run Calculations-Valuation and choose the "Limit Compensation" calculation to make sure the compensation fields are set correctly.