FAQ 215: Top Heavy Minimum Calculation--Not generating 3%


I have a plan that is top-heavy and when I run Reports/Compliance/416 Top Heavy Minimum Calculation, it does not calculate any top-heavy minimum? What am I doing wrong?


There is no "Limited Comp" in the employees' records, which is what that utility uses to calculate the top-heavy minimum. Run through the Limit Compensation calculation, then run the Top Heavy Minimum Calculation again and you should see the results that you are expecting.

In general, you should check the Top Heavy Years (TOPHYEAR) screen in the plan specs to make sure the plan is coded as top-heavy. Also check the top-heavy parameters on the Top Heavy Minimum (TOPHMINM) screen in the specs to make sure you have the right Groups/Hours coded, as well as the correct minimum percent and the correct sources selected under Reduce Top-Heavy Minimum.