FAQ 229: Budget--Age-weighted assumptions grayed out on setup


On the attached age-weighted plan, I was trying to run a budget routine to determine the amount needed to just give the owner the 415 max. When I try to run the routine all the items are locked and I can't change the mortality table or anything and the options shown are not what I want. The only thing I can click is 'OK'. If I do run the routine it does give me a number, and that number does work when I run the valuation calculations using the correct mortality tables and such. But why am I locked out of making any changes to the budget routine?


Since it's an age-weighted plan, we don't need to solve for a passing the 401(a)(4) test. We will max the owner at the 415 maximum and calculate the age-weighted benefit accordingly to all participants.
All the grayed out areas are for 401(a)(4) calculations only.