FAQ 237: Budget--Message saying that it "does not pass under any of the selected methods"


When running a tiered allocation design, this message is appearing. Why can it not find a passing design?


The most common cause of this error is improper coding of the "Minimum Allocation Gateway Test" specs in the budget setup. Make sure that the status codes, eligibility, hours, and sources to offset the gateway are coded correctly for your plan (e.g. the default is status ABCHMN, but some plans only have to give the gateway to ABC). The budget routine cannot find a passing solution as the gateway is never met. To determine if it is the gateway causing the problem, un-check the "Calculate Minimum Allocation" box and see if it finds a solution. If it does find a solution, do NOT use this solution as your design, but check your gateway coding. If it does not find a solution, it may be another issue. In rare cases, the budget might not be able to find a passing design. It may be a plan with a very young HCE, especially owners' children, that cause a design that requires a high non-HCE percentage to pass. The plan may hit a 404 or 415 limit. Another example may be when a sole prop or partnership has very low income to work with in the budget.