FAQ 25: ADP--Disaggregation-Participant showing incorrect entry date


Coding an ADP test as disaggregated and selecting the "Plan Elig" entry date option on the Corrections Setup screen. The disaggregation report shows an entry date of 1/1/2024. It should be 10/1/2023, because he was hired in August 2022 and entry dates are quarterly. What is causing the date of 1/1/2024?


When disaggregating individuals for the ADP/ACP test, ASC is looking at hours, including historical hours, when determining the entry date. This participant only worked 250 hours in 2022, and would not have enough hours, as of the anniversary of his date of hire in August 2023, to enter the plan on 10/1/2023. If the hours worked in 2022 are incorrect, change the hours that are coded in the 2022 history record to the correct hours and re-run the test.