FAQ 28: ADP--Error-Cannot create scratch file


ADP test returns "Cannot create scratch file" error and refers to a file name.


Scratch files are temporary work files that are created, deleted, and recreated each time you run a test. Once in awhile, if there is an error when running the test, the file can get "locked".

Options to try:

1) Reboot your workstation.
2) Delete the file that it is referring to. It is in the the NDM directory on the network, or on the local drive, if ASC has been installed on a standalone machine.

Occasionally, reoccurring scratch file errors, especially in other programs in addition to ADP, can indicate incorrect Pervasive settings (typically settings that are too low for the number of users running ASC concurrently). Contact ASC support with specific details if you suspect this is a system-wide problem.