FAQ 29: ADP--Disaggregation not showing ineligible employee as disaggregated on the ACP test


Running the ADP tested on a disaggregated basis, selecting plan entry (not 1/2 year entry) for disaggregation purposes. One participant is classified as meeting the statutory minimum for ADP purposes, but is classified as NOT meeting the statutory minimum for ACP purposes.


When you fill out the Correction Setup screen, you are checking the "Plan Elig" option for the disaggregation under the "ADP Test Options". Don't forget to also check the "Plan Elig" option for the ACP test by clicking on the "ACP Test Options" radio button and making that selection a second time. Otherwise, the default is 1/2 year entry for the ACP test, and the disaggregated participants will be different for the ADP and ACP tests.