FAQ 318: Budget--Partnership budget calculation looping


When I run the partnership budget routine for a cross-tested safe harbor plan, the calculations never end. There are three groups: HCE-partners (Group 1), NHCE (Group 2), HCE-associate attorneys (Group 3). The specs are set to "415 limit" for Group 1 and "0%" for group 3. There are two partners who are younger than a couple of the NHCEs. Coould that be creating the problem?


This is typically caused by one of three things:
1) The ownership/income/expense percents do not equal 100%, but the budget was run anyway.
2) The census is such that the system cannot come up with any feasible design (e.g. because there is an HCE who is younger than the non-HCEs).
3) Invalid dates, especially dates of birth and normal retirement dates, that cause invalid accrual rate calcs. Run employee data checks to have the system look for these types of dates.