FAQ 34: ADP--Not showing ATM or ACP returned match


I have a plan that is failing ADP testing and ACP testing. I am separating out participants who do not meet the statutory minimum requirements. Even though the plan is failing ACP testing, the system is not calculating any money to be kicked back from the match source. Also, I believe that there should be some attributable match being distributed because of the ADP failure, that is also not showing up.


Check the following:
1) Did you check the box to "Calculate Attributable Match (ATM)" on the Corrections Setup screen when running the ADP test?
2) Go into the source 3 matching specs, click on the "Show Match Fmla" button, and make sure that there is a matching formula coded there.
3) Check the limited compensation figures in the employee records. These fields need to be populated for the ACP and ATM calculations to work. If those fields are not populated, or incorrect, choose Calculations-Valuation, then choose Selected Calculations and check the "Limit Compensation" box to run that calculation.
4) Is there a match amount on the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen in the employees' records? Is it the same as it would be if you applied the matching formula entered in the specs? If the match on the Contributions screen is lower than the calculated amount, the system will not "over"-return if it looks like the remaining match is non-discriminatory.