FAQ 377: BRF--Overriding the match years of service used in a BRF test


I need to override the matching years of service calculated by the system when I am running a Benefits Rights and Features test. How do I do this?


First, go to the Source 3 specs, click on the "Show Match Fmla" button, and select "Yes" for the question "Hard-coded Matching Svc". Second, go into the employees' records and enter the years on the Dates and Status (DATE) screen in the "MatSvc" field. Remember that this service figure should be as of the beginning of the plan year. The system will add 1 year to this number if the participant has more than 1000 hours in the current year. Note that the use of this "Hard-coded Matching Svc" option will apply to all participants, so years of service must be entered for all participants. If there are only a few participants that need to have their years overridden, adjust the hours in their history records so that the system's calculation will produce what you expect. (e.g. if the participant had <1000 hours one year, enter the actual hours in that History record and the system will not give credit for that year).