FAQ 392: Matching source--coding a matching source when source 3 is already used


I have used source 3 for a match amount in an existing plan. Is there a way to create another matching source with a matching formula in sources 4 through 20?


creating Additional Match Sources
Source 4-20 can now be used as additional matching sources, with formulas independent of Source 3. This is done by coding the "Contribution Allocation Method" as "Calculate Match".

The user then enters the matching table name under the Show Parameters box.

This table is created using our traditional method for creating matching tables based on service. Go to Access/Table Maintenance; View/General/Matching Formulas and enter a unique table name. Select "1-Years of service", default through the years of service questions, enter a Minimum criterion of "0" and a Maximum criterion of "99" and enter the matching formula as you normally would (e.g. 50% up to 5%).