FAQ 418: 402g--Not recognizing excess or catchup amounts on some participants


The 402(g) test is not calculating excess or catchup amounts on participants that I know should have excess amounts. I am selecting to save the results - and it is not printing on the report nor saving the amounts in the employee record.


There are a few things to check that could cause this result:
1) In calendar year end plans, this test reads from the CONTRIB screen of the employee record, so make sure the contributions are correct in this screen.
2) Be sure you are selecting the right values option in the 402(g) setup screen. If you select to "Use plan year values", the program reads from the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen. If you select the "Use calendar year values", it reads from the Catchup Off Year (CATOFFYR) screen, so this screen must be populated with deferrals by period. The system sets up the default based on the beginning of the plan year date using "plan year values" in a calendar year plan and "calendar year values" on off-calendar plan. This default selection may not be sufficient in short plan years.
3) Participants must have SSNs to run this test, so make sure the participants have SSNs. To see a list of these participants, check the option to print the "Excluded EEs" report on the 402(g) setup screen.
4) Run Utilities-Data Checks-Employee Data and choose "Duplicate Social Security Number" to make sure there are not two ore more participants with the same SSN. This causes invalid calculations due to bad participant data.