FAQ 425: Import wizard--Combine first and last names from data file into ASC name field


I have a data file with first name and last name in two separate fields. In the old text based import, these could both be imported to ASC name field and it would automatically set it up as LAST, FIRST. The Variable Import wizard does not allow this. How do you combine the names under the Variable Import wizard module?


You need to first create a formula by choosing View-Wizards-Formulas from the Ascript menu. Then the formula would be:


Then, just make sure that you name the field that contains the last name as "LASTNAME" and the field that contains the first name as "FIRSNAME" during the "Name and describe import fields" step of the wizard. You simply type the name in the Name field, and click on the "Post" button to assign your own name to that item. Then at the "Additional ASC import items" step, you click on the "Edit" button, then choose the "Formula" option, then click on the "Find" button to choose the formula, then the "Find Item" button to choose the field to store it in.