FAQ 435: Top Heavy Minimum Calculation--Top-heavy minimums show on report, but not on Contributions screen


I ran the Reports - Compliance - 416 Top Heavy Minimum Calculation report and it printed the top heavy minimum amounts, but they are not on my CONTRIB screen for testing.


This program will not store the top-heavy minimum contribution directly to the Account Values (VALUE) or the Contributions (CONTRIB) screens in the employee record. This was intentional to avoid users overwriting their previously calculated or input amounts. However, the program will create transactions of these amounts, which can then be processed into the employee account. When running this report click on the "Store Results as Transactions" button, and enter the last day of the plan year as the Transaction and Purchase dates. The program will then create Source 2 contribution transactions for each employee. These transactions may then be processed into the employee Account Values and Contributions screen using Calculations - Transactions - Process.