FAQ 443: ADP--Contribution amounts only show two quarters for ADP test


We did quarterly valuations for a client on ASC during 2005. Their plan year end is 12/31/05. When I run their ADP test, the system is only pulling salary deferral information for the last two quarters (9/30 and 12/31). When I look at participants' records, only the 9/30 and 12/31 transactions are showing up under "Transactions" and the 3/31 and 6/30 information is listed as one total for the two quarters under "History". How do I get the system to pull in the contributions for the 3/31 and 6/30 quarters for the ADP test?


It looks like the plan was run through the Annual Update process as of 6/30, which zeroes out current and prior quarter fields, and stores the employee's contribution numbers in history. To correctly run the ADP test, you need the figures on the Contributions screen to reflect annual numbers. Based on what you have in the plan now, here is what to do:

1. Create a grid with name, SSN and the 9/30, 12/31 and 6/30 historical contribution numbers. The total of these columns should equal each employee's contributions for the year.

2. Go to View-Grid-Export to File and create a tab-delimited file that you can bring into Excel.

3. In Excel, add the columns together into one annual contribution number.

4. In ASC, use the Variable Import wizard to bring in the annual contribution amounts to the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen in the employee record. Be sure to select "REP" for the Replacement Option so that the import overwrites the numbers that are currently there.

5. If the plan is very small, you can skip the above step and just input the numbers from the spreadsheet on to the Contributions screen via the grid.