FAQ 448: ADP--Disaggregation on prior year test but did not disaggregate last year


I'm trying to apply the prior year testing method to a plan where I have immediate entry and I want to use disaggregated test results. However, I did not run it disaggregated last year, so the results stored in the plan specs on the ADP Test screen are not separate for those under 21, 1. Is that possible to do at this point? Will the current year ADP test re-run the prior year numbers to determine the appropriate disaggregated figures?


Last year's results are set when it was run last year. If it was not run using disaggregation last year, the only results stored are the plan wide results. The programming does not re-run last year's ADP to re-figure disaggregation. It is simply reading the prior year values for those above and below the statutory minimum from the plan specs ADP Test screen. At this point, you have 2 choices:

1) You can look at last year's non-HCE listing and pull out those that should have been disaggregated and re-figure the numbers. You can then input those in the plan specs on the ADP Test screen for above and below the statutory minimum and run the ADP disaggregated this year. This isn't too hard on a small plan.

2) You can re-open last year's plan, either by opening up the plan on your system if you save a copy, or by restoring the backup portable copy. You can then re-run last year's test using disaggregation to get the values needed, then input those in the current year plan.