FAQ 471: Budget--Partnership budget never stops running


The attached plan is a 50/50 partnership with 2 other employees. I'm trying to run the Budget Routine using $414,407 as the partnership comp (Budget Amount). The plan is cross-tested, so I need to give the 415 max to the two owners (group 1) and the least amount possible to the other two employees (group 2).

When I run the routine it never stops. The first run I did I set the accuracy level at .01. It ran for 30 minutes before I shut it down. I ran it again using 1.00 as the accuracy level and it still would never stop running.

Is there something else I'm missing in setting up the plan?


The problem is that the Reduce 415 in Calcs field on the Benefit Limits (BENLIMIT) screen in the specs is set to "No". This coding tells the system not to calculate 415, yet the Source 2 specs tell the system to solve for Group 1 at the 415 limit. Change that field to "Yes" and re-run the budget routine and it should solve in under 5 minutes like it did when I ran it here.