FAQ 478: Budget--Looping on 401k plan


I have a daily valued 401(k) safe harbor plan with a new comparability allocation formula for a sole proprietor. The budget routine has been running for over two hours. Do you know if it will ever be done calculating? Here is the case. I am running the budget with an amount of 73934 for PS and Safe Harbor Sources only.


I would Ctrl-Alt-Delete out of it. The longest I have ever seen the budget routine run productively is 30 minutes on a large partnership with an a4 allocation and side W-2 income. A small plan should run in 10 minutes or less unless it is a bad plan for a new comp design (e.g. young HCEs) and the system is having a hard time finding a design.
Check to make sure that you have:
A) The Reduce 415 in Calcs field on the Benefit Limits (BENLIMIT) screen in the specs must be set to "Yes".
B) The ownership/income/expense percents of the sole prop/partnership total 100%
C) The participants Principal codes are accurate (e.g. Y or N, or 1-9 or A or B for User Defined)
D) The participants normal retirement dates are accurate.