FAQ 498: Budget--Disaggregated results do not show disaggregation being used


I set up the budget routine, selecting to "Print Disaggregated Test Results" and choosing to print the 401a4 test. When the budget runs and prints the a4 test, it does not show disaggregation in the results. In addition, the a4 Parameters page indicates that I did NOT select to disaggregate.


Checking the "Print Disaggregated Test Results" box on the budget setup screen means that it will run a disaggregated option in its design calculations. However, it does not mean that it will use disaggregation if it is not a better option. This is different than if you set up the a4 test under Reports - Compliance - 401a4. This program will use disaggregation if selected, as it is not doing an "best design" work.

In this particular case, which is a bit unusual, disaggregation does not offer a better result. As a result, it does not use disaggregation. If you think about it, it makes sense as the ABPT passes either way, and the ABPT is not the value that the General Test pass/fail is "turning on". Those that are ineligible for the PS are in the ABT as "N/A" so disaggregating them makes no difference. The only difference is in the ABPT - which passes either way.