FAQ 514: ADP--QNEC message "All participants eligible for QNEC exceed 415 limits"


I have tried to enter the amount of the maximum QNEC on the Corrections Setup screen, but my correction page of the report does not show any QNEC allocation to anyone, and there is a message saying "All participants eligible for QNEC's exceed 415 limit".
Can you tell me why? Thanks!


The system believes that all participants eligible for a QNEC have exceeded their 415 limits. Assuming that everyone is not at their 415 limit (which does happen occasionally), the most likely reason is that the coding telling the system who is eligible for a QNEC is incorrect. The QNEC status codes must be entered on the ADP Corrections Setup screen AND the Source specs must have a QNEC source set up with the "Groups" and "Hours" fields properly coded. Check that coding and try it again.