FAQ 517: Match Verification--ADP Catchup contributions are not on Match Verification report


When I rerun the Match Verification report after running the ADP/ACP tests, the ADP catchup contributions are not being added back on the verification report. I double checked my match source specs and it is coded "Yes" for catchup included in matching calculation. Is this normal? Just wanted to know if I need to make manual adjustments to the data file.


You do not have any coding errors. The Match Verification routine is designed to be run before the ADP test, as the ADP test itself makes ATM adjustments, if selected, when doing the catchup calcs. As a result, we do not review the ADP catchup in this report. It will look at other catchups as those tests are not inherently programmed to deal with ATM on catchup amounts.
So, my recommendation would be to run the Match Verification prior to running the ADP test. At this point, if you like, you can make a manual adjustment, print the report, then adjust it back.