FAQ 554: Census data request--Emailing to clients


Can I save a census data request in a format that can be emailed to the client and then back to me?


The preset census format report printout can go to PDF, which can be emailed. However, unless the client has the ability to edit a PDF file, they wouldn't be able to edit it and send it back to you.

A better bet would be to create a grid with the data that you want input or updated, export it to a text file, import it into Excel, edit as necessary and save as an XLS file. When the client sends the data back in the same XLS file, you can save it back as a text file and import it into your case using Access-Ascript-View-Wizards-Import.

One security item to note: many users require that this data go out and come in with an encryption code, because it contains SSN's and other sensitive ee data. You might want to check with your IT folks and see if this is something you need to do before sending out the data.