FAQ 615: Roth--Roth source be showing on Reporter Deposit Summary


In running the Deposit Summary from Reporter, the "Other Contribs" column now includes the safe harbor contributions and the Roth 401(k) deferrals. Is there another report which would show these two sources separately?


The "Other Contribs" column just lumps together sources 5 through 20, since that is the only way to fit all of the sources across the page. And, since users can choose any source between 4 and 20 to store various contributions in (e.g. Roth deferrals, safe harbor nonelective, safe harbor matching, rollovers, etc.), there is no way for us to write a report with Reporter that can cover all plans and break out all potential contributions into separate columns since plans will differ from one to the next.

You might try printing the "Contributions and Forfeitures" report that is part of the 401(k) valuation reports. A while ago our programmers altered that particular report to add the Roth deferrals to the regular deferrals and store the total in the deferral column on that report. You could also dump the contributions out by source to a grid and then paste the data into Excel and create a report from there as well if you want the contributions in separate columns.