FAQ 640: 401a4--Common errors?


Do you have a listing of all the errors in the 401a4 test? I am currently getting a P56 error.


We do have an error listing under Help-Contents-List of Errors, along with some tips to determine who is causing the error. However, this is not updated regularly since most of our support is now on the web. The most "current" way to resolve an error when you see it is to get on our website and query the FAQs. I have pasted in the errors on a4 from the FAQs below.
Let me know if this doesn't cover a particular error you are seeing.
ASC - Common 401a4 errors

P56 line 305 running 401a4
I get an error message when I run the (a)(4) Test:
"Err P56: Illegal subscripts reference to variable A2("
How can I correct this?

Solution: A P56 on line 305 in the a4 test is an invalid date of birth or normal retirement date error. Run Data Checks to see the participant(s) that is causing the problem - Utilities/Data Checks/Employee, options D,G,H.

X71 on line 3000 running 401a4 test
Error X71 3000 referencing Gateway comp when running the 401(a)(4) test Problem: What does it mean and how should I fix it? 3000 :::: PACK(####.####) STR(A3$,722) FROM ROUND(Gateway/GWComp(1)*100,2):... ERR X71: Value Exceeds Format.

Solution: This is a comp issue, related to Gateway since the error is referring to this variable. Make sure you check the following: 1) Run the Limit Compensation calculation so that the current 401(a)(17), Top Heavy and Post-Entry comp fields on the Compensation (COMP) screen are populated. 2) You can usually (not always) type the following at the colon after the error to see who the program is erroring on: PRINT STR(A$( ),9,40) Check this person as sometimes users inadvertently have entered a Plan comp and Pre-Entry comp that are equal, causing a zero comp to be calculated for Post-Entry. 3) Make sure that you do not have any "blank" records on the system that may hold a zero comp record 4) Make sure that you are including the appropriate status codes in the gateway part of the a4 test (e.g. not including odd status codes that may have no comp entered).

Stop 7600 running 401a4 test
I am getting this error when printing the test.

Solution: STOP 7600 is usually a printer error, which in most cases is fixed by rebooting the printer and the workstation. If that doesn't work, and you are printing the Support Pages in addition to the Standard Report, some printers do not work with the two print commands we send. Click on the Printer Setup button and select "Prompt for Printer". It will then prompt the user for the printer twice.

Error 401(a)(4) - C63 0220 4-a4dcr9
I am getting this error when the test is running.

Solution: Normally any C63 error is compensation related. The problem here is the participants on the census that have compensation of one penny which, when rounding to a monthly figure by dividing by 12 - ends up as 0. If you do not have comp on someone and need to force something, enter at least $1.