FAQ 650: ACP--Multiple employer location data, matching formula tables for ATM calculations


How do I set up the matching formula tables in the expanded location specs so that my multiple employer ACP run by location will read those formulas for the ATM calculation?


To create matching formula tables, do the following:
- From the ASC Main Menu, choose "Access" and "Table Maintenance".
- From the TBLMAINT menu, either click on "Matching Formulas" on the left, or choose View-Defined Contribution-Matching Formulas if the Tree View option is turned off.
- Click on the "Add" button, input a Table Name and a Description for the matching table, leave the "Service" option selected, and click on the "Save" button.
- Then choose your new table from the list and click on the "Edit" button.
- Click on the "Formulas" tab, then click on the "Add" button, then input "0" as the Minimum Service requirement and "99" as the Maximum Service requirement and click "OK".
- Then input the matching formula on the right side of the screen and click "OK" to save it.
- When finished, you can close the TBLMAINT application.

(Note that you only need to set up one matching table for each formula, not for each location. The expanded location table can include that particular matching table for more than one location (employer in your setup).)

Then you should be able to go into the location specs and input the tiered matching table to be applied to each location.