FAQ 658: Budget--Partnership/sole prop looping or long calculation times on new comp or integrated allocations


My budget calculation has been running for an hour. What do I have coded wrong?


There are several coding problems that could generate a long calculation time in the budget routine:
1) The "Reduce 415 in Calcs" field on the Benefit Limits (BENLIMIT) screen in the specs must be coded as "Yes".
2) The ownership/income/expense percents do not equal 100%, but the budget was run anyway.
3) Invalid dates, especially dates of birth and normal retirement dates in a new comp allocation can cause invalid accrual rate calcs. Run employee data checks to check for these types of dates.
4) The participants' Principal codes are not accurate (e.g. Y or N, or 1-9 or A or B for User Defined)
5) The census is such that the system cannot determine a feasible design in a new comp allocation (e.g. an HCE who is younger than the non-HCEs).
6) If the design is tiered/a4 or integrated, check the source 2 coding. A percentage or dollar amount cannot be coded under the "Show Total Contrb." button, as the budget develops its own formula when targeting a principal.
7) In a new comp allocation, be sure that under the "Show Parameters" button you do not have a percentage or dollar amount coded for groups that do not exist in the plan (e.g. 5% coded for group 4, but no participants coded with "4" in their Principal code field).