FAQ 710: BRF--Options disabled, not able to run Benefits, Rights & Features test


The "OK" on the BRF test is grayed out. It appears to be looking for a Locational Type of Test. Does something have to be coded to make this work?


The system is set up to run BRF on two types of matching formulas:

1) A formula that varies based on years of service (e.g. if work 5 years or less, receive 50% match, but if work >5 years, receive 100% match)
These formulas are set up in our Table Maintenance module as a "Tiered Matching Table" by service and mapped in the Source 3 specs. The program will then test for current availability based on years of service using the nondiscriminatory classification test.

2) A formula that varies based on location code (e.g. Location 1 gets a 100% match, but Location 2 gets a 50% match)
The program tests for current availability using the nondiscriminatory classification test based on the location code in the record. While primarily designed for matching formulas, it could really be used with any feature in the plan where the user inputs location codes.

Formulas that have increasing rates of match based on deferrals, e.g. yours at 100% up 6%, then 150% up 8%, meet the "current availability" portion of the BRF test because technically everyone could make any deferral rate. However, this formula may not meet the "effective availability" portion of the BRF test. Since the only test for this is "Facts and Circumstances" (1.401(a)(4)-4(c)) -- the system cannot perform any calculation and the BRF option is disabled. I have never seen any indication of how this test would be assessed for a matching formula.