FAQ 712: Multiple locations with multiple match formulas


I have a plan to test that has 71 different locations (9001-9071 loaded to ASC). The plan also has 8 different match formulas. So depending on what location code you have dictates your match. I am looking for some guidance on how to set this plan up.

-I have to name each location, I have the names for each on an Excel file. Can I take that Excel file and load it into ASC to name each location? Or do I need to manually write in each name?

-Once the location codes have been named, I was then going to load in each match formula under Table Maintenance. How do I link a match formula to a location code?


The plan must have Expanded Locations enabled to handle this calculation. If you have these enabled, you will have location tables under the Plan Specs, the last node on the tree.
If not - enable them by going to Utilities-Change Structure-Expanded Locations.

Set up the matching tables in ASC under Access-Table Maintenance-Matching Formulas. There is a section on how to set these up in the Appendix of the Compliance manual (p. 93). These names are case sensitive, so they must match exactly to what you imported in to the location table.

In the Source 3 matching specs, do *not* enter a formula here or a tiered matching table name. The system will then know to go to the location table to pull this information.

You can then run the Match Verification report, selecting to run by location. Click on Select Location, then the magnifying glass to populate the locations. Check the locations you wish to run and finally, check the box "Selected Locations Consecutively". Note the other setup options on the Match Verification screen regarding variances and saving adjustments. You will need to save to actually have the matching contribution populated in the Contributions screen for testing.