FAQ 719: Budget--Partnership or sole prop - How to run calculation without PS (e.g. match or deferral only)


I cannot make this work. It keeps trying to generate a PS allocation even though I don't need one. I only want it to allocate my match.


The Budget routine was designed to generate PS allocations. We have now had requests from users who want to use the Budget to either calculate Match only, or even to use it only to generate the Plan Compensation (calc SE taxes) for the owners in a Deferral-only plan. We will try to accommodate this in our Fall 2007 release, but in the interim, you can use the following coding to "trick" the system into not calculating a PS.
1. Source 2 specs:
"Force Contribution" should be "No-Use Valuation Calcs"
"Contribution Allocation Method" should be "8-Multiple Tiers"
Click on "Show Parameters" and choose any "Group Definition"
For "Group #1" - make sure this is "Formula" (*not "Limited by 415")
Make sure all other fields are blank
Click OK, then OK again to Save

2) When running the Budget -
You may ignore the 401a4 questions.
Complete the Budget Amount, Accuracy, Income and Rank and File Allocation fields as you would normally.
"Sources to Include" should have Source 2 checked, as well as the Match source.
Change the "Source 2 Contribution" option to "Formula Contribution Only".
Then click OK to run the budget.

It will then run the calculation without trying to design a PS amount.