FAQ 732: ADP--Projected test-How to code


I want to run a projected test on ASC for the ADP testing. I have information as of 7/1/07. ASC does not seem to project the salaries and deferrals for the employees to the end of the plan year. Is there a way to do this in ASC or do I have to project the salaries and deferrals myself?


The system does projections within the ADP test. Check the "Projection Test" option, then click on the "Projection Setup" button to set up the projection parameters. In that setup window, check the box beside "CurrComp is for >1 period" if you are entering year-to-date data. In the plan specs, the Plan Identification screen should be coded with a 6/30/07 Valuation Date with a Valuation Frequency of "3-End of Month". This coding will tell the system that you have data through 6/30. This is also in the Appendix of the Compliance Testing Manual - around p. 118-119.