FAQ 749: Deferrals not showing up on reports


When I ran my compliance reports, the deferrals are not reporting. They are missing from 402(g), ADP, etc. We have unprocessed and re-processed, re-run allocations and the works and cannot get them to work.


Something must have happened in the transaction/process/unprocess utilities because all of the contributions are missing from the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen but they are on the Account Values (VALUE) screens. The attached utility will copy over the contributions from the Account Values screens to the Contributions screen.

Please save the attached wizard files named TotalFnd (3 in total) to your \ASC\USER directory. Then go to the Employee section of your plan and choose View-Wizards-Execute. Click on the Totalfnd.WZD to open the wizard, then click on "Execute Script" and then "Yes" to continue. The wizard will take all of the prior and current contributions from the Account Values screens and will copy them to the Contributions screen. Click on the "Close" button when the Execution Status shows as Completed.

Then rerun your test and the deferrals should show up.