FAQ 774: ADP--Union employees and ADP test that includes more then one source


Attached is a plan that allows union employees to defer but they don't share in the match. Everything works fine until I get to the ADP test. It includes the union people in the ADP test. My understanding is that you test them separately.


Because this plan has 2 sources included for the ADP test, the system is set with a default that disables the status code selections on the ADP/ACP setup screen and instead uses the groups that are coded in the source specs. Normally if there was only 1 source, you could change the status codes there to only U. Since you want to run these status U employees in a separate test, go to the source 1 (deferral) and source 5 (Roth 401(k)) source specs and remove all of the groups except group 2. Then re-run the ADP/ACP test and the system should only include the status U participants. To get the other grouping you would remove the 2 and leave the rest of the groups.