FAQ 781: SRT--ASC Link Users - How to start training?


We are SRT Link users and have installed ASC and we are ready to start training our users. Could we set up a time to discuss our training goals and also what your normal training schedule would be for new clients?


Several resources are available to help you learn the ASC Compliance Testing system. The steps to get started:

1) SRT Data Export - To get the data out of SRT, you will run their "ASC Import/Export Utility", for which there is documentation on their website. It is fairly straightforward, but you can make selections regarding periods and various compensations.

2) ASC Import - To get the data in to ASC, you will run the "ASCLink", browsing to the file created from SRT. I've attached those instructions here titled "SRT-ASCLinkImportFileInhouseASC.doc". The first page instructs the user, the second two pages are for your IT person to set up the link. This link will bring in all the Employee data, as well as some basic Plan Spec data such as eligibility and matching formulas.

3) Compliance Testing - Once the data is in ASC, you will begin compliance testing. The best place to start is to print ASC's "Compliance Testing Manual", which can be found on the CD included with your system, or may be downloaded from our website. It will take you step by step through coding the Plan Specs, running employee data checks, calculating HCEs/Keys and running all compliance tests. The on-line Compliance Testing webcast on our website is similar, but with a bit less detail. For basic navigation tips and overall system structure, it is also helpful to watch the brief powerpoint that was delivered with the Welcome email.

4) ASC Export of Excesses to SRT - When the compliance tests are run on ASC, they are automatically creating extract files with return amounts to go back in to the SRT system. These files are created using the directory/naming convention specified by your IT group in the set up of the ASCLink (step 2 above). To bring these back in to SRT, there is a utility on the SRT side that is also outlined in their "ASC Import/Export Utility" documentation.

5) Contact ASC Support - We are happy to answer ANY questions you have along the way, so feel free to contact us as often as you like. All our support staff have done testing and admin work for years prior to coming to ASC, so they are very familiar with the process. The best way to contact us - to reach everyone in all time zones - is to log a request via our website at www.asc-net.com.

6) Custom Webcasts - If you find that you would like specific training for your office via the web, contact us and we can arrange for an hour or two session based on topics you request.

We look forward to hearing from you -