FAQ 865: Overflow Error


Receiving an overflow error in VSCompliance or VSReports, sometimes referenced with #6 or #5


Review the Compliance or Reports window for any details on the error. Look to see if a participant's name is listed. If you see a participant's name, review this participant for valid and/or missing dates - typically dates of birth, hire, and rehire. Run Utilities-Data Checks-Employee Data, then click on the "Raw Data Checks" button to find any employees with potential problems.

Another possible cause of this error is having corrupt data stored in the dialog data file for the particular test that you are running. If all employees' dates look correct, try the following, which will clear out the saved dialog settings for the test that is causing the error:

- From the ASC main menu, choose "Access" and "Dialog Data".
- Check the box next to the test that you are running under Restoring default data, then click on the "Restore Dialog Defaults" button to delete those saved settings.
- When finished, click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen to exit the Dialog Data Options box.

Then you should be able to run the test successfully. If you continue to see the error after trying the suggestions above, please send a portable copy of the plan to ASC support for review.