FAQ 87: ADP--Change the cover page of ADP test


The ADP report has several cover pages. The first cover page reflects Prepared by: XXXX and todays' date. I would like to change this, if possible, to read ABCD and eliminate todays' date. Is that possible?

I have utilized Reporter to adjust some of the standard reports but, can not figure out if or how to access the ADP Testing. Also this report appears to be the only report printing footnotes: PlanID and date. Can we eliminate that also?


The company name that prints on the ADP/ACP test cover page is pulled from a particular screen that is coded within the system. To change the name that prints on that first page, and any reports that pull the company name, choose Utilities-ASC System, change the company name on the "Name" line, and click "OK" to save the change. The date that prints on that page cannot currently be eliminated, but we have added that option to our programmers' "to-do list" so that it should be a removable option in the future.

You can eliminate the printing of the PlanID (i.e. the disk and case number of the plan) at the bottom of each page by clicking on the "Report Setup" button on the ADP/ACP Compliance setup screen and then unchecking the "Include Disk/Case Number on Reports" box. You can also eliminate the date and time from the bottom of the page by unchecking the "Print Date and Time" box on this screen as well, although that will not eliminate it from the cover page.