FAQ 917: Budget - Blue screen is gone, How do I input data?


I can no longer access the blue ascwin screen from the budget and therefore cannot input the required percents and target amount or income share for partners. How do I input this information?


In our October 2010 release we included new programming which moved the Budget calculations for the Corporation plans into this white window labeled "Calculations" and this was completed for the Partnership/Sole Proprietorship plans in our May, 2011 release. All plans will now run and open the white "Compliance" and "Calculations" windows. Be sure to review this window for MESSAGES on the calculation, additionally if errors occur the calculation may be TERMINATED and this will show up in this window.
This new programming requires the targeted individuals have their override 415 field completed. They can be input to the employees screens or you can use the grids labeled "BUDGET_CORPORATE_OWNER_EMPLOYEE_INPUT.GRD and "BUDGET_OWNER_EMPLOYEE_INPUT.GRD". The grids can be found in the Employee menu, View-Grid-Open and browse up to the ASC\REPORTS directory. You may want to copy or save the grids to your ASC\USER directory. Complete these fields:
1) NAME screen - Ownership Percent __ total must equal 100%
2) SOLEPROP screen - Expense Percent__ total must equal 100%
3) SOLEPROP screen - Override Percent__ total must equal 100%
4) SOLEPROP screen - SP-INCOME for "Owners" (optional
5) LIMITS screen- Override 415 Limit (optional when targeting)