FAQ 921: ADP tests - run separate for Union and Non-union


Hi, I have a plan that I need to run separate ADP/ACP tests for union and non-union participants. They are all covered under one plan. How to do that?

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When a plan does not have to test the Union employees, you can just exclude status U participants from the main ADP/ACP setup screen "Include status codes for ADP" box.
However, in this situation where you need to test both Union and Non-union employees separately, you have two choices.
1) Run the ADP/ACP test two times, manipulating the option "Include status codes for ADP ( ACP)" test in main ADP/ACP setup screen. The first run would be with the standard status codes (ABCHMNPF). For the second run, you would delete these codes and replace them with status U. See screenshot below after edited for status "U".

2) You can also set up a single ASC case with two Locations, one location for Union and the other location for Non-union employees. For the Union employee location, you would not have to use the Status Code "U". Instead allow the system to use the usual system status codes for these employees. When you go to run the various test, use the "Location Setup" option to indicate which location you want to test (see screenshot below). This option would require one additional change in order to run 410b on the system. Rather than using status code U for Union, you would need to code the "Union Employee" indicator on the Employee Record ADDRESS screen.