FAQ 943: 401a4- Compliance Testing Error #11=Division by zero


I'm attempting to complete 401(a)(4) testing in the ASC valuation system for a client who has a 401(k) profit sharing plan and a defined benefit plan. However, every time I begin the compliance test an error comes up and I'm not sure how to resolve it. The error message reads, Comp401a4Calculate.ProcessExecution: Error #11=Division by zero.


This error indicates a problem with the data or table in the DC and/or DB plan. Below are several possible resolutions for the problem:

• The divide by zero error usually occurs when you have an includable employee with zero compensation. I would recommend running EE data checks on both plans (Utilities/Data Checks/Employee Data) to see if you can find where the error is.

• Several participants in case that have an active status code but are missing their Current Compensation and Current Annual Compensation Rate amounts on their COMP screen on the DB case. You will need to enter in their compensation and the 401a4 test will run.

• Enter a mortality table in the 401(a)(4) setup screen.

• The 401(a)(4) program is not programmed to handle annuity tables; it needs a mortality table to run properly.