How should I review the Met Service Hours field in the EE records DATES screen to determine if this field was set to Yes - Met Service Hours for newly hired employees that may not have met the service hours?


The "Met Service Hours" field in the Employee Record is defaulted to "Yes" when the Plan Specs Eligibility requirements are less than 1 year of service. This field ONLY applies for the FIRST computation period of any individual. In some cases you may have new hires that were input and are being defaulted to Yes with less than the required hours.

For example, if the Plan Eligibility is 3 months and 250 hours requirement, this coding will specify if the employee satisfied the 250 hours in the initial 3 month period. If they are a new hire and only worked 125 hours in the period being measured the field will need to be switched to "No". To identify any individuals who may fall into this narrow category, see below.
Download the file METSERVICEHOURS.ZIP from the "Documentation" tab, expanding the "User Documentation" section.

The Grid GRD file is a Data Check to list anyone with Met Svc Hrs = Y and Hours less than required in Plan Specs Hours field

The Formula FME file can be run from Utilities-Data Checks-EEData-Custom Data Checks.

To alter the Met Svc Hrs flag from Y to N, use the Grid-Set Column Data Feature OR Run the VEF, Variable Edit File to change these Y's to N's. To run the VEF, go to Access-Ascript-Edit and open this file "MetServiceChangeIndicator_to_N_forLowHours.VEF" and click on Finish.