; FAQ 1121: Error 999 - Cannot Find Vesting Table Name

FAQ 1121: Error 999 - Cannot Find Vesting Table Name


Hello ASC,

I hope this email finds you well.
We have a new plan and I have entered the plan and deleted and re-entered the plan.
I keep getting Error = 999 Msg= cannot find vesting table Name = 5-100
Allocations Terminated.


If you are seeing an Error=999 related to a vesting table when running calculations, the error is most likely being caused by an invalid vesting table coded for either the Primary, Secondary, Top Heavy, or Alternate vesting schedule in the Vesting specs. Since the error message refers to the “5 - 100” table, my guess is that there is no such vesting schedule on your system. If you change that field to an existing vesting schedule that is on your system by selecting one from the drop-down list, and save the specs, the error should go away.

If you need to use that vesting schedule and it has not been set up on your system, you can add it to the system by choosing Access-Table Maintenance from the ASC main menu, then choose the “Vesting Schedule” option to list the existing vesting schedules and click on the “Add” button to add a new schedule.

Then once the new schedule has been set up, if you choose File-Reload Tables from the PLANSPEC menu to reload the available vesting schedules, you should then be able to pick that new vesting schedule from the drop-down list.

If you still have problems with it after following the suggestions noted above, please send me a portable copy of the plan so that I can take a look at it here.