FAQ 177: Importer--What files to download from John Hancock?


I am trying to bring in participant account balance data using your John Hancock import under Utilities/Import/Importer. I have a couple of questions on importing from a vendor such as John Hancock:

1) Will ASC go directly to John Hancock or do I need to go onto their website and print the report to a file first and save it on my computer?

2) If yes, what format should the file be in so that ASC can read it?


You will need to go directly to the vendor's website and download the files. Generally, you will have a password given to you from them so you can access the data. Some vendors use different extensions on their file names, but they are all pure data files - you won't see titles/totals, etc. John Hancock's files end in ".txt". If you have questions related to getting the file off their website, you could call the "TPA Service Rep". Also, be aware that most vendors have a "cash" versus "accrual" report option, so be sure to ask for accrual so that your data will be as close to plan year data as possible.