FAQ 180: Eligibility--Waive eligibility (age and/or service) for one time entry


We have a plan that was originally effective 1/1/95. It was amended effective 1/1/04. Due to the acquisition of another company, it is doing a one-time waiver of the eligibility requirements and letting any employee employed on 9/1/04 become a participant on that date. How do I code this on ASC?


You can do this by manipulating the Plan Effective Date on the ID screen. Change the effective date to 9/1/04 - and then change the "Use Effective Date" field to "All" on the Eligibility screen.
Make sure that everyone who has already entered the plan prior to 9/1/04 is a status A or C so that their date of entry will not be recalculated. Run Eligibility calcs and this will bring in anyone that has not already entered the plan on that date.
Once their entry date has been calculated, use the grid's Set Column Data feature to change them to a status C, so that the entry dates will not be recalculated after you change the plan specs.
Finally - change the plan specs back to their original coding. When future eligibility calculations are run, the program will use the standard age/service coding.