FAQ 197: Earnings--Forcing earnings on distributed employees


I only have one general account, but I have some participants who distributed mid-year and whose earnings were calculated on our old system. Since the old system's earnings allocation and ASC's allocation do not exactly match, what I want to do is force the earnings for the distributed people and allow ASC to allocate the rest of the earnings to the remaining participants. Is there an easy way to do that?


1. Code all the distributed people a status code P in their Status fields.
2. Go into the Account Values screens for the applicable fund and source(s) and enter the earnings allocation that you want them to have.
3. Go into the fund specs for your one fund and code Earnings Definition #3 as "D-Input (Total Account)".

This will then lock in the amount you entered for them, and allocate the remainder of what is in the Fund Earnings box to the remaining participants.