FAQ 241: Vesting--Not calculating for terminated employees


I have a plan that I am setting up on ASC. I imported the employee census information, used the grid to plug in the beginning account balances, and plugged in the past years of service so the system could calculate vesting. I am running this plan as a quarterly, and I am working on the first quarter of the year now. I forced the system to 255 hours so it would not change the vesting at this time. My problem is that all of my terminated employees are coming up as 0% vested. How can I force the system to look at the years of service - or plug in the vested % for these people?


The problem that you are seeing involves the employees that terminated during a prior plan year. If they terminated in a prior plan year, the system doesn't calculate their vesting, since we have no idea what their vesting percentage was when they terminated. If the plan had been administered on ASC in prior years, the percentage would still be there, but it won't calculate vesting on prior year terms on a takeover plan.

You can override the vesting percents for those employees by just inputting the vested percentage in both the Prior and Current Primary Vesting fields on the employees' Vesting screen. If you want to input the vesting percents via the grid, the items would be PRVEST and VEST on the VESTING screen. If they are current year terms, the system should calculate their vesting properly.

Update: We have recently added an option to the Vesting Calculations to allow you to calculate vesting for prior year terms. To select this option, after choosing Calculations-Valuation, check the "Calc vest for prior years' term" box and prior year terms should have their vesting calculated as well. Just be aware, though, that you may still run into situations where you will need to override some prior term's vesting if that calculation does not have all of the information needed to properly calculate vesting.