FAQ 245: Error--File missing or invalid 'grid32.ocx'


I am getting a "file missing or invalid" message on the grid32.ocx file. The same plan works on another workstation.

A workstation uninstall and reinstall has been done. Any ideas?


Here are the instructions to resolve your grid32.ocx error:

- Click on the "Start" button and choose "Run"
- Enter the file/path: X:\PATH\ASC\SETUPCOM\SETUP.EXE (where "X:\PATH" is the drive and path to the \ASC directory) or browse to that file.
- Follow the prompts (i.e. click "OK" and then click on the computer icon) to install the ASC components again
- When prompted with the Update Registry box, check the "Unregister EXE first" box and click on the "Register" button

Also run the following in the same manner: